Cluck - A TUI Client For XMMS2

Cluck is a TUI (AKA "windowed console", often referred to as "curses-like") client for the XMMS2 music server.

It is written in Scheme, using CDK (an ncurses widget library) for the windowing. It is distributed, however, as pure C (but the C form is autogenerated, and hence totally unreadable), and should be easy to compile. In particular, you do not need CDK to compile the C form; what Cluck uses is included.

The motivation for Cluck was to get the functionality I had been getting from mserv in a system that was getting more active development; as such I've written a page on moving from mserv to xmms2 using cluck.


(copied from FEATURES.html in the source)



You almost certainly want to get the C version. As of 27 Nov 2008, the version is 1.02

Cluck is actually written in Chicken Scheme, which is a LISP type language. If for some reason you really want to, you can download the actual Chicken source, but please be aware I'm not going to support it.



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